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The Gerson Institute is committed to ensuring that anyone seeking the Gerson Therapy receives safe, accurate and reliable care in the Gerson Therapy, no matter where in the world they are located. Web-Based Case Management is an option for eligible cases that may not be able to travel to a licensed Gerson clinic or that may be currently undergoing conventional treatments.

What is a Gerson Practitioner ?

Through our Gerson Practitioner Training Program, medical professionals with a variety of backgrounds from all over the world use their advanced medical degrees and extensive clinical skills to provide individual, web-based case management in the Gerson Therapy via TeleMedicine.

After successfully completing academic courses and demonstrating clinical competency throughout the two year training program, medical professionals are then granted the designation of Certified Gerson Practitioner (GPC), a proprietary authorization by the Gerson Institute of a medical professional in the practice of the Gerson Therapy. Those that are still in training are Gerson Practitioner Interns (GPI) or Residents (GPR).

Learn about the qualifications to become a Certified Gerson Practitioner on our Gerson Practitioner Training Program page.

How do I work with a Gerson Practitioner?

All Certified Gerson Practitioners within our international network provide individualized Gerson Therapy protocols along with ongoing follow-ups, protocol adjustments and medical guidance via TeleMedicine, meaning most or all consultations are conducted online. Some GPCs offer in-person consultations but do not have overnight capacity.

To work with a Gerson Practitioner within our worldwide network:
  1. Click on any photo below to learn more and select your Gerson Practitioner.
  2. Fill out the form to receive a referral and begin your case evaluation.

Gerson Clinical Instructor Faculty

Certified Gerson Practitioners

Interns & Residents

Gerson Practitioner Interns and Residents are still actively enrolled in our Gerson Practitioner Training Program and therefore receive case-management supervision from clinical instructors.

Residents are more advanced in training than Interns. Consultation fees for Gerson Practitioner Interns and Residents are lower than that of Certified Gerson Practitioners.

The Gerson Institute will facilitate your case referral to a Gerson Practitioner Intern or Resident. On the application you may select your preference for language, location, or both. You may also select a specific Gerson Practitioner Intern or Resident if you wish.



A Gerson Practitioner will contact you by phone and/or email to schedule a time to discuss your case.

Consultations are through online video conference, therefore a device with web-cam and internet access is required for this service. Some Gerson Practitioners may be available for in-person consultations on a case-by-case basis.

Over time, your treatment plans – whether they include alternative, conventional, or both – may change based on your response to a particular treatment. In addition, because the Gerson Therapy takes place primarily at home, even for those who attend a licensed Gerson clinic, we advise maintaining a positive rapport with your local physician. Your Gerson Practitioner will provide further guidance on working as a team with your local physicians.

Gerson Practitioners listed on our website have successfully completed the Practitioner Training Program, which means they have demonstrated clinical competency to practice the Gerson Therapy. Therefore, we can only recommend practitioners who are listed on our site.

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