Treatment Options

Find the safest way to heal naturally

Determining whether or not the Gerson Therapy is an optimal stand-alone or primary treatment approach for you requires serious consideration and investigation. Part of that is learning the day-to-day commitment of being on the Gerson Therapy, and the other part is deciding which treatment options best suits your needs, then getting a case evaluation.

In-patient and out-patient options are available, and initial case reviews are free of charge. Learn about the available treatment options, then submit the initial case review form. All cases are evaluated on an individual basis, and some may not be eligible for treatment.

Option 1:

Licensed Gerson Clinics

You and a companion stay at one of two LICENSED GERSON CLINICS, where you receive a personalized Gerson Therapy protocol, all Gerson meals, juices, enemas and supplements. Live demonstrations provide educational reinforcement before you return home and continue the treatment for at least two years with regular follow-up consultations.

Option 2:

Web-based Case Management

Through WEB-BASED CASE MANAGEMENT, you use secure, online conferencing software to work with a licensed medical professional within our worldwide Gerson Practitioner Network. Your Gerson Practitioner develops a personalized Gerson Therapy protocol, then regular follow-up consultations are scheduled for on-going case management and protocol adjustments throughout the two-year treatment.

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