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With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy™ naturally reactivates your body’s magnificent ability to heal itself – with no damaging side effects. This is a powerful, natural treatment system that boosts the body’s own immune functions to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and other diseases from chronic to minor.

But the Gerson Therapy isn’t for everyone. For most people, it involves a total lifestyle change. To see if it’s right for you you’ll need to:

Learn the basics of the Gerson Therapy

What is the Gerson Therapy?

To start your journey, it’s important that you understand the basics. The Gerson Therapy is a nutritionally-based treatment system that requires four major pillars in it’s approach: diet, juices, detoxification, and supplements.

Combined together, these components activate the body’s own ability to heal itself with the right tools and environment. Watch this introductory video to get the foundation for the Gerson Therapy and learn more by clicking below.

Learn the four key considerations before starting

Is it right for you?

Determining whether or not the Gerson Therapy is the optimal stand-alone or primary treatment approach for you requires serious consideration and personal investigation.

Watch this video to learn the four key concepts and critical questions you’ll need to answer before making this important decision.

In-patient and out-patient options

What are the Gerson Therapy treatment options?

Licensed clinics

Licensed Clinics

In-Patient: You and a companion stay at one of two LICENSED GERSON CLINICS, where you receive a personalized Gerson Therapy protocol, all Gerson meals, juices, enemas and supplements. Live demonstrations provide educational reinforcement before you return home and continue the treatment for at least two years with virtual and/or telephone follow-up consultations.

web-based treatment


Web-Based Out-Patient: Through WEB-BASED CASE MANAGEMENT, you use secure, online conferencing software to work with a licensed medical professional within our worldwide Gerson Practitioner Network. Your Gerson Practitioner develops a personalized Gerson Therapy protocol, then regular follow-up consultations are scheduled for on-going case management throughout the two-year treatment.

Apply to the Case Evaluation

Will the Gerson Therapy work for my condition ?

It’s worth noting there are a number of conditions that are not safe for the Gerson Therapy, or require significant medical modifications to the protocol. This is why each case is evaluated to determine what role the Gerson Therapy can play for an individual’s specific case. More on that in the next step.

Before moving forward, take a minute and review our DIAGNOSIS DIRECTORY page to see those conditions

Evaluation of your case

Next, each case is evaluated to determine whether the Gerson Therapy can be applied and if so, at what level (primary or supportive role within the overall treatment plan). Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to guide you through the next step: case evaluation.

My case is eligible – what’s next?


Once you receive results from the individual case evaluation, it is then your decision whether to proceed with the Gerson Therapy.

You will be contacted by a Gerson Institute representative regarding next steps.

A primarily plant-based diet, juices and detoxification with coffee enemas (if safe) can still support the body, improve, and in some cases, prolong quality of life. A Naturopath or holistic physician may be able to offer elements of the Gerson Therapy combined with other healing modalities.

Over time, your treatment plans – whether they include alternative, conventional, or both – may change based on your response to a particular treatment. For this reason, we advise maintaining a positive report with your local physician.

Many patients have been successful in raising funds for the Gerson Therapy using creative methods such as online crowdfunding (GoFundMe), 5k races, garage sales, and auctions. We also recommend speaking to local farmers and produce managers about bulk discounts on produce, produce storage and delivery.

Ultimately, your health and wellness is an investment. In our experience, those who start the Gerson Therapy with guidance from a Gerson Practitioner are more likely to achieve their health goals. A personalized protocol and on-going case management saves time and reduces stress by eliminating guesswork and most importantly, limiting the inherent risks of applying a treatment without the medical knowledge and experience required to understand clinical nuances of the Gerson Therapy.

And then begin your therapy implementation


Learning how to transition your home and lifestyle can seem daunting, but with our special Gerson Patient Portal, everything you need to succeed is in one place. Here’s what Gerson patients can expect:

There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to implementing the Gerson Therapy. That’s why our Gerson Patient Portal includes free access to our patient-specific online course, “Gerson Basics Online”, with lectures, instructional how-to videos, and PDF guides on: understanding the protocol, organizing the home, enema preparation and administration, Gerson meal and juice preparation, and much more.

Through the Gerson Patient Portal, patients also receive special discounts on books and supplies as well as exclusive access to private support groups and Home Set-Up Trainers.

Not a Gerson Patient? View THESE online courses.

The Gerson Therapy requires unique supplies, supplements, and equipment. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled resources on where to buy what you need to get started.

Gerson Institute Online Store
Gerson-Approved Supply Vendors: supplements, air and water filtration, enema equipment and more.
Gerson Guide to Juicers

Tip: Refer to Gerson Basics Online, Gerson Basics Manual and Gerson Therapy Cookbook for helpful lists, information and resources for materials needed.

It’s likely your Gerson Therapy will be a change from your regular day-to-day routine, and big changes need support. There are two means of support we recommend utilizing:

Hire a Home Set-Up Trainer to organize your home, help you locate resources, and to further train you and your helpers.

If hiring a Home Set-Up Trainer is not possible, create a schedule for family and friends, reach out to religious or hobby groups, or post ads at your local health food store or local schools to recruit volunteers.

Even if you are not yet fully set up or prepared to begin the Gerson protocol, you can get started on a Gerson-like diet by:

  • Shopping organic
  • Avoiding processed foods
  • Reducing salt
  • Starting to cook with the Gerson low-and-slow method

Note: Restriction of fats and proteins is not advised without a managing Gerson Practitioner.

Of course, you’ll never stop learning on your Gerson Therapy journey. Here are wonderful resources to help you along your way:

Educational Tools

  • FAQs
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Recovered Patient Network
  • Education Team

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