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The Gerson Institute has been the leading global source of Gerson Therapy education, training, licensing and support for over forty years. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team members are happy to answer your questions about the Gerson Therapy™ and provide helpful resources.

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I am new to the Gerson Therapy and need information on getting started ▼
If you are new to the Gerson Therapy and are looking for information on how the Gerson Therapy works and how to become a Gerson patient (whether for yourself or for a family member or friend), we have a great deal of important and helpful information on our website that we strongly urge you to read before contacting us. The following pages will give you a good overview of the Gerson Therapy, the Gerson Institute, our programs and your treatment options. It is very likely that you will find many of the answers you are looking for on these pages: If you read all of the information above before contacting our Education Team, we will be better able to assist you with your personal concerns.  
If you have more questions about getting started on the Gerson Therapy, click here to contact our Education Team.  
I am interested in participating in one of the Gerson Institute’s programs or classes ▼
Please visit the links below to learn about each of the programs and classes that we offer at the Gerson Institute:

The registration forms for each program are located at the links above, so you can sign up directly through our website.


Do you still have questions after reading all the information at the links above? Click here to contact our Education Team

I want to know if my illness is treatable with the Gerson Therapy ▼

First, please read our Contraindications and Cautions for the Gerson Therapy page. That page lists all the known diagnoses and complications that are not treatable with the Gerson Therapy, and which diagnoses we have found to be very difficult to treat with the Gerson Therapy.

If your diagnosis is listed on this page, it is unlikely that the Gerson Therapy would be a good choice for you, and we would encourage you to seek out other treatment options.

Our Education Team can share some information about whether or not patients have come to us with a particular condition of not, and whether they have had successful outcomes. However, simply telling us an individual patient’s diagnosis is usually not sufficient information for us to know if that they are a good candidate for the Gerson Therapy.

There are many factors that can affect whether or not an individual patient will be able to do the therapy--even if they have a condition that is often treatable with the therapy--so that evaluation needs to be made by a doctor who has access to your medical records, recent blood work and any other scans or tests you have had, to get a clearer picture of your overall health and general condition.

We strongly recommend having your case evaluated by a certified Gerson practitioner; either one in private practice or by applying for treatment at one of the clinics. For more information about Gerson practitioners and applying to a licensed Gerson treatment center, please read more at the links below:

If you have read all the information above and still have questions, click here to contact our Education Team


I want to become a patient at a licensed Gerson clinic ▼

The Gerson Institute currently licenses two clinics that practice the Gerson Therapy: The Health Institute of Tijuana in Mexico, and the Gerson Health Centre in Hungary. You can find general information on licensed Gerson clinics at the link below:

There is an application process for each clinic, in which the patient submits a comprehensive set of medical records and documentation in order for the doctors at the clinic to review their case and determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate for the Gerson Therapy, and therefore if they can be admitted to the clinic. Each clinic is independently owned and operated, and has their own admissions process and policies.

For information about the Gerson clinic in Mexico, please read the information at the link below:

On this page, you can download the patient application for the clinic in Mexico, which has more detailed information and a complete set of instructions for how to submit your application to be reviewed by the doctors at the clinic. The Gerson Institute’s Education Specialists act as liaisons between the Mexican clinic and the patient, and assist applicants through every step of the application and admissions process.

The Gerson Health Centre in Hungary conducts its own application process entirely independently of the Gerson Institute. To obtain an application for this clinic, you will need to contact the Gerson Health Centre directly; visit their website at or email [email protected] You can read more about the Gerson Health Centre at the link below:

If you are unable to attend a licensed Gerson clinic, we strongly recommend working with a certified Gerson practitioner for medical guidance. Click here for information about certified Gerson practitioners.


Do you still have questions or need assistance with your application to the Gerson clinic in Mexico? Click here to contact our Education Team.


I’m looking for supplements and/or supplies for the Gerson Therapy ▼
We list a great number of retailers who provide Gerson supplements and other supplies (like enema buckets, juicers, non-toxic body products, etc) on our website on our Supplies page. We also sell some products for patients on the Gerson Therapy in our online store, such as healing clay and coffee enema kits. Please follow the links below to view all the pages that list retailers that provide supplies for the Gerson Therapy:

Still have questions? Click here to contact our Education Team.


I have questions about a specific component of the Gerson Therapy (the diet, juicing, coffee enemas, etc.) ▼
First, if you have not yet read our main informational page about the Gerson Therapy, we suggest that you do so first, so that you have a basic understanding of how the various parts of the Gerson Therapy work together to effect healing. If you have read that page, here is a rundown of the links to pages and documents on our website where you can find information about each specific element of the Gerson Therapy:
If you cannot find the answer to your question at any of the links above, click here to contact our Education Team
Other ▼

If you have another question that is not related to any of the topics above, click here to contact our Education Team.



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