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What types of juices are included in the Gerson Therapy?

There are three main juices used on the Gerson Therapy: the Gerson green juice, carrot juice and carrot-apple juice. Orange or grapefruit juice is typically taken with breakfast. For further information on Gerson Therapy juices and juicers, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below along with our Juice & Juicer Guide (PDF).

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How do I make the green juice?

Find ingredients and instructions for the Gerson green juice below:


Can I add another fruit or vegetable into the juice?

No, every ingredient is there for a specific purpose, and adding unapproved ingredients into the juices can negatively impact the overall function of the therapy.


What if I can’t find one of the ingredients?

Don’t substitute. Find as many ingredients as possible and make the juice without the missing ingredients. Incorporate the missing ingredients once they become available again.


Can I store the juices and drink them later?

Any juice is best when consumed immediately after juicing, as the healing enzymes die off as the juice oxidizes. Green juice may not be stored, it must be consumed right away. Carrot-apple juice is best consumed right away, but may be stored if necessary up to 72 hours.

It is best to store the juice in small 8 oz. mason jars, filled up to the top so there is no room for oxygen, and refrigerated, or, if traveling, placed in a cooler. A small container is better than a thermos or a larger jar, as each time a larger container is opened, more air gets in and further oxidizes the juice. A smaller container is best because it is not opened multiple times.


Do diabetes patients drink the same juices?

The Gerson Therapy is modified for type II diabetes patients in the early stages to avoid certain foods. For more information about the Gerson Therapy & diabetes, please contact the Gerson Institute.


If I’m a healthy person, can I have other juices?

If you are following the Gerson Therapy to treat a chronic degenerative disease, the protocol should be followed precisely, without modifications (unless advised by a qualified Gerson doctor). But if you are healthy, and simply seeking to incorporate some principles of the Gerson Therapy to improve your overall health, it is your own personal decision to add other juices. You can use the Gerson Food Guide (PDF), also available in the Gerson Therapy books, for the Gerson dietary guidelines.


Can I drink water in addition to, or instead of juices?

In general, Dr. Gerson did not encourage his patients to drink water, because “the full capacity of the stomach is needed for food and juices.” A patient on the most intensive Gerson protocol for cancer may be required to drink up to 13 juices per day, which provides adequate hydration. In addition to the juices, they eat three full meals per day. Between the juices and the food, the stomach has little extra room for water. Additionally, drinking water dilutes the juices in the stomach, which hinders ideal nutrient absorption–especially when drunk right before, during or after a meal.

However, herbal teas such as peppermint and chamomile are permitted, and patients can drink these freely, especially in case of digestive upset, as they are very beneficial for settling the stomach.

Patients who are on a reduced protocol will be drinking considerably fewer juices. If a patient is drinking fewer than 13 juices per day, then they will need to augment their fluid intake with additional tea and/or water in order to remain properly hydrated. Preferably, one should drink tea and water in between juices (but not right before or right after) or in the evening so as not to interfere with digestion.

All water consumed on the Gerson Therapy should be distilled and fluoride-free. We urge all patients to attend a licensed Gerson clinic or work remotely with a Gerson Practitioner to receive a personalized Gerson Therapy protocol.


What do I do if I cannot find organic ingredients?

Under no circumstances are non-organic ingredients to be substituted for organic ingredients. Patients who have done this have quickly found it to be detrimental to their recovery. This is especially true of root vegetables like carrots, which absorb toxins in the soil.

For example, the herbicide Roundup is one of the most toxic substances you can put in your body. Concentrating a chemical like Roundup with a press type juicer and drinking it is extremely harmful.

Make the juices without the missing organic ingredients until they become available again.


Can I add raw spinach to the green juice?

Raw spinach is not permitted on the Gerson Therapy. It has oxalic acid in its raw form which inhibits the absorption of some necessary nutrients. Cooked spinach is fine to eat though, as heat destroys the oxalic acid.


Can I substitute with different apples if Granny Smiths (tart green apples) are not available?

Do not substitute red or yellow apples (for example, red or golden delicious apples). The preferred substitute would be another type of tart apple (for example, Fuji). Return to the Granny Smith variety once they become available. Read more about what to do when granny smiths are out of season here:


What types of juicers are required for the Gerson Therapy?

The Gerson Therapy for cancer requires a two-step machine, with a grinder and a hydraulic press. This type of juicer has two separate components, a grinder to grind the vegetable into a fine, moist, pulp and a hydraulic press to extract the juice of the vegetable from the pulp by squeezing it under high pressure. Research in this area, although limited, indicates that juice produced by the grinder/press can be as much 50 times higher in certain essential nutrients, and will produce 25 to 50% more than other juicers from the same amount of raw produce.

For healthy people (or non-cancer patients) following the Gerson diet, it is not strictly necessary to buy a heavy-duty juicer like the Norwalk or PURE Juicer. There are several other options which would be acceptable. For more information about which types of juicers are best for the Gerson Therapy, read our Gerson Guide to Juicers and Juice & Juicers Guide.



Where can I buy the juicers you recommend?

Check the Gerson Supplies section of our website. It provides links and phone numbers to companies that sell the recommended juicers.


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