Our Partners

Our partners share Gerson’s vision of creating healthy communities from the bottom up by effecting change on issues that threaten the livelihood of our health and planet.

How We Work with Partners

By supporting organizations with missions surrounding food access, food education, regenerative farming, soil health and toxin-free households, we are investing in solutions to the very issues that impact people who come to Gerson to get better.

We collaborate with our partners to educate our collective audiences on the issues – and solutions – that inform the decisions we make, and engage the way we interact with each other to elicit real change.

We carefully vet our partners through personal, one-on-one and team interactions. By openly discussing what our organizations do, our goals and our plans to achieve those goals, we learn first-hand how our partners make decisions and frame their cause to the world.

Our partners share our vision of creating healthy communities from the bottom up and changing key components that threaten the livelihood of our health and planet, such as the soil our food is grown in, how we treat our food, access to food and food education in all communities, toxic exposure awareness and more. We expect our partners to educate based on credible information and facts, and to celebrate all who contribute to the greater good.

Why Partner with Gerson Institute

The Gerson legacy is rooted in perseverance, resilience and regeneration. When Dr. Gerson was challenged, he persevered and continued to practice. When Charlotte Gerson was told that food as medicine wasn’t viable, she was resilient and pressed on. When the Gerson Institute faced adversity, we regenerated with fresh perspective.

The Gerson mission is anchored in the education of food as medicine, reducing toxic exposure and creating a healthier world where the Gerson Therapy is not just a viable option, but a pillar of treating chronic illness.

Our reach is global, spanning not only across oceans and borders, but across elements crucial to well-being including nutrition, soil health, air and water quality, agricultural sustainability and mental health.

Exposure to our growing community; speaking and teaching opportunities; collaborative projects with our internal team and global network of Gerson professionals and supporters.

Partners in the field of regenerative agriculture, scientific research, non-toxic advocacy and awareness, promoters of healthy lifestyles, clean eating and food as medicine. Domestic and International partners welcome!

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