Gerson Basics San Diego

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This comprehensive class is for individuals who want to do the Gerson Therapy, care for a Gerson patient, or gain general knowledge.

You will enjoy two days of fully Gerson Therapy-approved buffets for breakfast and lunch (plus raw juices!) so you can experience the diet yourself. You will meet and connect with like-minded people who are passionate about the Gerson Therapy and holistic nutrition.

Next Class: October 15-17, 2015


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Gerson Basics covers topics such as:

  • Overview of the Gerson Therapy
  • Overview of dietary guidelines and food preparation
  • Juicing instruction and demonstrations
  • Coffee enema instructions
  • Coping with healing reactions
  • Preparing clay and castor oil packs
  • Overview of Gerson supplements and protocols
  • How to set up your home for the Gerson Therapy
  • Dental guidelines
  • Recovered Gerson patient testimonial

Below, enjoy a preview video with clips from four of the most popular lectures from the class!

Gerson Basics is designed for:

  • People who have been diagnosed with cancer or another chronic degenerative disease, who want to learn more about the Gerson Therapy and what it entails
  • People who have been accepted by one of the Gerson clinics for treatment, and want to learn more about how to follow the Gerson Therapy from home, after they have left the clinic.
  • People who have family, friends or other loved ones they wish to support and assist in their care after leaving a Gerson clinics, or if they are starting the Gerson Therapy from home.
  • Anyone with an interest in learning more about the Gerson Therapy.


This seminar does not cover topics and issues such as:

  • Detailed medical or research information on the Gerson Therapy
  • To learn the Gerson Therapy for preventative health. The Gerson Therapy was designed as a treatment for chronic degenerative diseases; there is no Gerson protocol for prevention (but you may read some information on that topic in our Gerson Guidelines for General Nutrition (pdf)
  • Personalized protocols for specific conditions (our speakers will not be able to answer questions regarding personal situations or to discuss specific health conditions)
  • Prescriptions for supplements
  • Diagnostic information
  • Interpretation of laboratory information
  • Certification to teach, administer or prescribe the Gerson Therapy

Your Gerson Basics registration includes…

When you arrive on the first day of the class, you will receive the following educational materials:

Books and materials:
Gerson Therapy-approved meals:

On Thursday afternoon, a snack will be provided. Breakfast and lunch will be served for participants on Friday and Saturday, along with a mid-afternoon snack. All food served at the event is organic and 100% approved for the Gerson Therapy

Gerson Basics Online Course
  • Free access to our most recent Gerson Basics Online content


Optional Cooking Class

On Sunday, an optional Gerson Cooking and juicing hands on class will be held. (Note: this class is currently full)
Please contact Anna-Maria at for more information.

Class Details:

Upcoming Dates:

  • October 15-17, 2015
San Diego Woman’s Club
2557 Third Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103 (see map)
Thursday, October 15: 8:30 AM – 4 PM
Friday, October 16: 9:30 AM – 4PM
Saturday, October 17: 8 AM – 4 PM

Maximum enrollment: 80 participants. Enjoy meeting and networking with other health-minded individuals!


Class Fee: $500

Scholarships: We can provide scholarships and partial scholarships for eligible applicants Click here for more information.

If you are taking this class because you plan to learn the Gerson Therapy to treat a disease or health condition, please read the Contraindications and Cautions for the Gerson Therapy before registering to make sure your condition is treatable with the Gerson Therapy.



Gerson Basics: Online Options

For those who are unable to travel to San Diego to learn about the Gerson Therapy, we also offer this seminar as an online class. We film the entire class, and make the HD videos available online, complete with all the educational materials, video replays for four months and mp3 downloads.



Comments from past Gerson Basics participants:
This workshop was very informative and inspiring. Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend to all the Gerson staff and volunteers. 
- Margaret Yarmush, Vista, CA

Thank you so much for an outstanding training… All the staff are professional, friendly and kind. The food was excellent. I’m looking forward to more trainings with the Gerson Institute!
- Lynn Martin



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