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Water Distillers

AquaNui by Pure Water
Mini-CT Distiller
AquaNui is the leading US manufacturer of premium water distillers for homes and businesses. The Pure Water Brand of water distillers are used in over 120 countries by doctors, dentists, scientists and thousands of families who want the ultimate in protection from toxins in the water.

4120 Northwest 44th Street
Lincoln, NE 68524-1623
Tel: (402) 467-9300

Waterwise Inc.
waterwise_7000_3Eliminate your water quality concerns with Waterwise® steam distillers. Enjoy chlorine free showers with Showerwise®. Breathe better with Airwise® air purifiers. Free “Drinking Water Scams Report” ($15.00 value) and Catalog. 100 day money back guarantee.

3608 Parkway Blvd
Leesburg, FL 34748
Tel: (800) 874 – 9028 or (352) 787- 5008

Renewed Health Supply
Renewed Health Supply Countertop DistillerCarries the highest quality distillers manufactured by Precision Water Distillers. They carry 6 different models for all your distilling needs from Manual Units to Commercial Distillers. These systems are built to provide the highest level of purification and will easily satisfy the intense demands of the Gerson protocol.

5106 Ainsworth Dr
Greensboro, NC 27410
Tel: (800) 678-9151

Fresh Water Systems Inc.
Fresh Water Systems Distiller

85 Commerce Center
Greenville, SC 29615
Tel: (877) 335-3339

The Cutting Edge – Jules Klapper

PO Box 5034
Southampton, NY 11969
Tel: (800) 497-9516 or Tel: (516) 287-3813
Fax (516) 287-3112

Ozone Machines & Air Purifiers

Renewed Health Supply
Renewed Health Supply Air PurifierCarries medical grade air purification systems to effectively remove chemicals, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants of many varieties. The systems utilize 15 lbs of activated carbons to absorb chemicals, intense UV lights to destroy biologics, medical grade HEPA to remove particulates, and titanium dioxide which combined with UV creates a photocatalytic oxidation to further remove chemical contaminates. The systems are also made in the USA of steel cabinets and are used in the most demanding of environments to yield an air quality of the highest degree. Don’t ignore what you can not see as the chemical off gassing in the average home can be a rather significant burden to cleansing ones system and rebuilding of health.

5106 Ainsworth Dr
Greensboro, NC 27410
Tel: (800) 678-9151

Shower Filters

Sprite Industries Inc.
Sprite Shower Filter

1827 Capital St.
Corona, CA 91720
(800) 327-9137

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