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Dr. Gerson had specific requirements for the proper juicer. He found that centrifugal juicers are not acceptable. There are several options for patients that fulfill his requirement of a separate grinder and press to accomplish the best extraction.

Read the Gerson Guide To Juicers for more information on the types of juicers that are required for the Gerson Therapy.

Norwalk Juicer

Norwalk Juicer California

Contact: Richard Boger
USA: 1-800-405-8423
International: (760) 436-9684
We encourage anyone interested in purchasing a Norwalk Juicer to contact Richard Boger directly or his Associate Gisela Sommer. Richard provides excellent service and care and has worked with Gerson Patients Worldwide for 29 years. He is part of the Norwalk Family and specializes in supplying Norwalk Juicers to our patients. He offers the Norwalk Juicer at factory direct price with a +12 year guarantee.


Champion Grinder and Hydraulic Press

The Juice Press Factory

Contact: Monika or George
Lago Vista, Texas
Juice Press Factory offers Hydraulic Press Machines ($335) and Champion Grinders ($265-$295) for Gerson patients. If the customer purchases both parts, the Company will give them a discount of $30.00 US.

Benady Manufacturing

Contact: Cory Brundrett
1 (480) 284-3251
Apache Junction, AZ
[email protected]
Benady Manufacturing sells the Das Viking–a stainless steel, hydraulic juice press for Gerson patients. A lifetime warranty is guaranteed on the frame. USA made.

Renewed Health Supply

Greensboro, North Carolina
Renewed Health Supply offers Hydraulic Press Machines and Champion Grinders for Gerson patients.

Seagull Distribution Co.

Contact: Jeff Shipper
San Diego, California
Seagull Distribution Co. sells the Champion juicers, Green Star juicers and K&K presses.

Inner Glow Health Products

Contact: Rasunah Alston
[email protected]
Queensland, Australia
Inner Glow sells the Champion juicer and the hydraulic juice press.

EU Juicers

+420 775 584 237
[email protected]
European Union
EU Juicers sells masticating juicers such as the Champion, Green Star, Green Power as well as many other juicers.

Modern Manna

Lodi, CA
Modern Manna offers the Champion and Green Star Juicer.

Wholistic Research Company

08454-30-3100 (UK)
+44-01763-28-4910 (Overseas)
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Wholistic Research Company sells the Champion, Green Star, Green Power juicers, and hand juice press.

Juicers can also be found at:
(Please note that used juicers are typically not covered by warranty, and we encourage prospective buyers to inquire with the seller to make sure that it works and is in good condition.)

Juice Cloth Fabric

Several Gardens Farm

Contact: David Feinberg
Seattle, WA
[email protected]
Several Gardens Farm sells 15 x 15″ juicing cloths. Options for cloths include the LSHP (low-stick high-porosity) nylon juicing cloth priced at $5.00 or the standard (Norwalk style) polyester juicing cloth priced at $4.25. Both options are offered in packs of 4, 6, 10 or 12. Alternatively juicing cloths can be purchased by the yard (36″ x 64″) at $18.00 per yard with a minimum purchase of 2 yards. Receive a 15% discount on any purchase of juicing cloths when you use the code gersoncloths2015 at checkout.

National Filter Media

Contact: Alyce Silva
Salt Lake City, UT
[email protected]
National Filter Media sells food grade fabric. The cost is $20 per yard, with yards being 76” wide. However they do require a minimum purchase of $40. Additionally, they can only sell fabric in even amounts—2, 4, 6 yards etc.


San Ysidro, CA
Stat MX sells Norwalk juice cloths and bags. Cost: $15 for a package of 4 juice cloths or $16 for a package of 4 juice bags.

Norwalk Juicer Repair

Olsen Scale Service

Contact: Chris Olsen
Chula Vista, CA
Olsen Scale services and repairs new and older Norwalk juicer models.


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