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Home Set Up Trainers

Whether a patient is able to spend some time at a Gerson facility or decides to embark on the Therapy at home, the longest part of the healing process –a minimum of two years- will take place in his or her residence. The home needs to be turned into a kind of private clinic.

“In order to really be sure that the patient understands and follows the Gerson Therapy exactly, I ought to follow them around their house and kitchen 24 hours a day. I am frequently surprised and shocked to find the mistakes being made.”
–Charlotte Gerson.

It is easy to make mistakes when beginning the Gerson Therapy and adjusting to the dietary restrictions and specific guidelines for food and juice preparation. People often do not realize what they do not know. Simple mistakes can actually interfere with healing.

Common mistakes include:

  • Adding prohibited foods to salads or cooked vegetable dishes
  • Adding extra vegetables or herbs to the Hippocrates Soup
  • Improper understanding or use of water filtration systems
  • Preparing the coffee enema solution incorrectly

What a Certified Gerson Home Set-up Trainer Does

A Certified Home Set-up Trainer is fully trained by the Gerson Institute in all of the non-medical aspects of the Gerson Therapy. A Home Set-up Trainer’s job is to go to your home to train you to prepare your home environment in the most efficient manner for starting the Gerson Therapy by:

  • Assisting and teaching you valuable information for properly setting up the home
  • Instructing you in proper food preparation for the Gerson diet
  • Teaching you how to avoid mistakes
  • Organizing the kitchen and equipment for maximum efficiency
  • Providing information on obtaining Gerson-approved resources and equipment.
  • Helping you to acquire a proper juicer before arriving in the home, and teaching you how to prepare the juices
  • Addressing the issue of possible household toxins
  • Helping to obtain pure, safe water and locating sources for organic foods

The Gerson Home Set-up Trainer also provides support by:

  • Training someone in the home that will continue to assist you with the work
  • Providing information on how to contact supplement companies
  • Assisting you in finding information in the Gerson educational materials (books, DVD’s, etc.)
  • Explaining and demonstrating the coffee enema preparation technique and the castor oil treatment (if applicable)
  • Providing information on healing reactions.

Please note:

  • Gerson Home Set-up Trainers are not medical professionals, so they do not provide medical advice or prescribe individualized treatment protocols.
  • Home Set-up Trainers are not employees of the Gerson Institute, they are independent contractors.
  • Cost: Home Set-up Trainers set their own rates, depending on their assessment of the client’s needs and duration of service.
  • The recommended duration for a Home Set-up Trainer’s in-home services is 3-4 days.
  • Some Home Set-up Trainers are willing to travel to a different city or even country, and others prefer to work locally.
  • Home Set-up Trainers work exclusively in clients’ homes – they do not give consultations, information, or advice by phone, email or Skype. If you have questions pertaining to the Gerson Therapy, please contact the Gerson Institute’s Education Department.

The Gerson Therapy involves an intensive schedule of supplements, enemas, juices and foods that are unique to each person. The Home Set-up Trainer can greatly assist with the hands-on food and juice preparation part of the Therapy.

Their work will help you implement your personalized treatment plan (protocol) that is developed by your Gerson doctor, at a clinic, through the Gerson Institute’s Coaching Service or through reading Healing the Gerson Way. (Home Set-Up Trainers do not have the expertise to develop Gerson protocols).

To request a referral to a Home Set-up Trainer, please contact Blanca Ayala at the Gerson Institute bayala@gerson.org.

To learn more about the certified Home Set-up Trainers and where they are located, check out our “Meet the Home Set-up Trainers” page. Only a few Trainers are currently listed on this page, but we do have more Trainers in other areas as well. You can get a referral to the Home Set-up Trainer nearest to you by filling out the Home Set-up Trainer Referral Request Form.

Home Set-up Trainer Testimonials:

If you are a certified Home Set-up Trainer follow this link to access the trainer portal.

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