2019 Favorite Moments

2019 was a year that amongst our victories, we sadly said good-bye to Charlotte Gerson in a Life Celebration gathering at her Legacy Orchard on a local regenerative farm, placing charms at the entrance – one for each of her almost 97 years. Executive Director Anita Wilson recalls, “all 97 tinkling bells in my heart, the authentic sharing of stories continues in my ears, wind-blown that day with the infusion of sun and soil, feeling all the new connections and beloved reconnections – we all are bound by something so much bigger than ourselves – something that has always been and will always be.”

The strength of this community created the momentum for a year of growth. This community welcomed us with warmth and open arms around the world as we came together to stand behind the power of food as medicine. Our gratitude for this community continues to deepen as we look forward to what we’ll accomplish together in the new year.

1. Charlotte Gerson Celebration of Life | March 2019

In honor of Charlotte Gerson, the Gerson Institute hosted a Celebration of Life at Wild Willow Farm on March 27th, what would have been her 97th birthday. Friends, colleagues, staff and recovered patients gathered to share memories, give thanks and bid farewell. The group planted several trees in the Charlotte Gerson Legacy Orchard.

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2. Donor Visits from Japan | March 2019

Longtime donor, supporter and friend Mr. Tetsuji Ueno and his son, Kenji, made a visit to the Gerson Institute. Based in Japan, their company H.O.W. is dedicated to promoting natural health through education about eating fresh, organic food. Naturally, Mr. Ueno had a very special bond with Charlotte and even brought 29 people from Japan to visit the Gerson Institute for Charlotte’s 91st birthday in 2013.

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3. More Gerson Practitioners Certified | March-April 2019

Four Gerson Practitioners successfully completed the Gerson Practitioner Training program to become Certified Gerson Practitioners. The Gerson Practitioner Network now has ten Certified Gerson Practitioners in addition to 35 Interns and Resident, all of whom offer Web-Based Case Management.

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4. Hope Song Fundraiser Gala | April 2019

Gerson team members including Executive Director Anita Wilson attended the Hope Song Fundraiser Gala in Nashville, Tennessee. Hope Song brings artists and their music directly to patients to uplift the body, mind and souls of patients and their families while they undergo integrated cancer treatment.

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5. Food Cure European Tour | May-July 2019

The Food Cure documentary premiered in Switzerland followed by screenings across Europe including Amsterdam, Germany and Hungary. Screenings included a post-show Q&A with filmmaker Sarah Mabrouk, protagonists from the film, recovered Gerson patients and Gerson Institute Executive Director, Anita Wilson.

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6. Gerson Centre, Europe Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary | June 2019

The Gerson Health Centre, Europe’s first and only licensed Gerson clinic, celebrated their ten year anniversary surrounded by twenty-five recovered Gerson patients who were treated at their centre, along with The Food Cure filmmaker Sarah Mabrouk and Gerson Institute Executive Director Anita Wilson. While in Europe, Anita together with Dr. Melania Nagy, met with the Find Help Foundation in Warsaw, Poland, to discuss common goals resulting from aligned missions.

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7. Cancer, Be Gone Web-Series | July 2019

Dr. Pedro Cervantes (L) from Health Institute de Tijuana, Mexico’s only licensed Gerson clinic, and Richard Herdell (R), recovered Gerson patient and founder of the Herdell Migraine Institute, appeared on Shona Williams’ web-series, Cancer, Be Gone, to talk about the Gerson Therapy, their experiences with Gerson and the importance of food as medicine.

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8. Keynote Speaker, Cancer Control Society Convention Tokyo, Japan | July 2019

Gerson Institute Executive Director Anita Wilson presented the keynote speech at the 25th Annual Cancer Control Society convention in Tokyo, Japan. Kyoko Abe, Gerson Institute Ambassador to Japan, also attended and hosted the Japanese premiere of The Food Cure documentary in Tokyo and Kyoto.

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9. Gerson Institute Hosts Annual Module I of Gerson Practitioner Training | August 2019

The Gerson Institute hosted its annual Module I training event in San Diego, California. Module I is the first phase of the Gerson Institute’s Gerson Practitioner Training program, a two to three year certification program designed to train qualified medical professionals in the theory, application and case management of the Gerson Therapy. In addition to learning what the Gerson Therapy entails, how it works and the foundation for clinical application, participants heard from recovered Gerson patients and Certified Gerson Practitioners.

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10. Gerson E-Newsletter | November 2019

The Gerson Institute’s first e-newsletter launched, bringing the impact of the Gerson mission directly to inboxes around the globe. Gerson Email Club members receive the latest Gerson news, exclusive content and promotions, plus a discount for their first order in the Gerson Institute’s online store.

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We thank the entire Gerson community far and wide, whether you are working directly with patients, informing your local community about the power of food as medicine, an organization working towards healthier food and healthier communities, heroically undergoing the Gerson Therapy, or working behind the scenes, what we accomplish, we accomplish together.

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