Patient Perspective: Gerson for Migraine

Sandra’s Thank You

My name is Sandra A. I am forty-six years old and I am writing from Frankfurt, Germany.

This letter has only one meaning: I would like to personally thank you and your family and the entire team of the Gerson-Universe. Thank you for your tireless efforts, thank you for your faith in your father’s work, and thank you for sharing all this with so many people.

Thank you for you and your team for taking it out into the world.

Thanks for curing my migraines and so many other ailments.

Thanks for showing me the right path for me and my body.

Thanks for the many explanations, videos, interviews, PDFs, books, spreadsheets, recommendations and the website.

Thanks to the Gerson Therapy, I finally understood how to give my body the right nutrition. The way was not easy and was traversed by some wrong paths. But in the end, I always turned to the “50 Cases” book. I have read [this book] many times and there are many bookmarks in it because I have looked up again and again.

I am the luckiest person in the world who has not had a single migraine for more than three years and four months, and I know – no, I’m sure – I’ll never have to suffer such pain again.

“Thanks to the Gerson Therapy, I finally understood how to give my body the right nutrition.”
Sandra’s Journey

I started to gradually get the necessary equipment and to think about how I could implement the Gerson Therapy in my daily routine. I ordered the various supplements. And I ordered probably the coolest juice machine in the world: the Norwalk Juicer. Finally, I hired two girls half-time, who take turns and help me in the kitchen and in the household.

Improvements After Starting Gerson Therapy

  • Hemorrhoids eventually disappeared.
  • Pimples on scalp disappeared.
  • Skin became very smooth all over. Pimples went back and disappeared completely.
  • The time during the enema is for me today as a little wellness break. And I feel great about it every time.
  • With work problems I am much calmer and more confident, at least I feel that way. I delegate a lot more, just let mistakes happen and I’m not so annoyed with them anymore. And I do not want to do everything myself anymore. I also try to “let go” of old problems.
  • And I finally take the time, maybe for the first time in my life. Time for me, my body, time for reflection, for eating, for being. This is a new experience for me and I am very grateful to have this experience.

Since then, I have told many people how I have overcome my migraines, why I no longer have pain, how to handle my Hashimoto (without hormones!) and how my life has improved so much. I have not even had a cold for four years!

Thank you Dr. Max Gerson for this wonderful life. Thank you for allowing me to see and experience. Thank you, Charlotte for letting me know all this! Thank you the entire team of Gerson who do such wonderful support, work and help me and so many other people.

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