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The Gerson Therapy is a nutritionally-based treatment system to treat chronic, degenerative diseases and requires four major pillars in it’s approach:








Combined together to form the Gerson Therapy, these components activate the body’s own ability to heal itself with the right tools and environment.

Read our GERSON THERAPY page for details about each essential component above.


Is it Right for You?

Determining whether or not the Gerson Therapy is the optimal stand-alone primary treatment approach for you requires serious consideration and investigation.

Watch the video below and learn key concepts for making this important decision.


There are a number of conditions that are not safe for the Gerson Therapy, or require significant medical modifications to the protocol.

Before moving forward, take a minute and review our CONTRAINDICATIONS & CAUTIONS page to see those conditions.



Case Evaluation

The next major step is to determine medical eligibility and receive an individual case evaluation by submitting an application. An application along with recent medical reports such as CT scan, MRI, PET scan and/or biopsy, as well as lab work, will be evaluated to determine whether it is safe to administer the Gerson Therapy and whether there is capacity to respond.

What are the treatment options to apply for?

Two options are available:

1) You and a companion stay at a licensed Gerson clinic for a minimum of two weeks under the care of our most seasoned Certified Gerson Practitioners, then return home and continue the treatment for at least two years with virtual and/or telephone follow-up consultations.


2) Receive a personalized Gerson Therapy protocol from a licensed medical professional within our Gerson Practitioner Network through web-based case management. This service uses secure, online conferencing software and includes regular follow-ups throughout the two-year treatment.

Submit an application for the treatment option that best suits your situation and needs.





After receiving a response from the individual case evaluation, it is then your decision whether to proceed with the Gerson Therapy.

My case is eligible – what’s next?

You will be contacted by a Gerson Institute representative regarding next steps.

Will I continue to work with my local physician?

Over time, your treatment plans – whether they include alternative, conventional, or both – may change based on your response to a particular treatment. For this reason, we advise maintaining a positive report with your local physician.

What if my case is not eligible?

A primarily plant-based diet, juices and detoxification with coffee enemas (if safe) can still support the body, improve, and in some cases, prolong quality of life. A Naturopath or holistic physician may be able to offer elements of the Gerson Therapy combined with other healing modalities.

What if I can’t afford the treatment options?

Health is always an investment. In our experience, those who start with a personalized protocol and medical guidance from a qualified Gerson Practitioner are more likely to succeed on the Gerson Therapy. Why? Because a personalized protocol saves you time and reduces stress by eliminates guesswork.

Most importantly, it limits the inherent risks of applying a treatment without medical qualifications or a strong understanding of the Gerson Therapy’s specific treatment system.

Ultimately, an organic, nutrient-dense diet and clean lifestyle has great potential to support overall health improvement.

Some have raised funds for the Gerson Therapy using creative methods such as: crowdfunding, 5k races, garage sales, auctions, and more.

If you cannot afford the available treatment options or raise necessary funds, we recommend considering other treatments. A qualified medical professional, such as a naturopathic doctor, can offer guidance in the consideration of other treatments.




Now that you have a personalized protocol and medical team that includes a Gerson Practitioner, it is time to learn the ins and outs of the Gerson Therapy, set up and get started.

Educational Tools & Supplies

Tip: Refer to Gerson Basics Online, Gerson Basics Manual and Gerson Therapy Cookbook for helpful lists, information and resources for materials needed.

Establish Help

  • Hire a Home Set-Up Trainer to organize your home, help you locate resources, and to further train you and your helpers.
  • If hiring a Home Set-Up Trainer is not possible, create a schedule for family and friends, reach out to religious or hobby groups, or post ads at your local health food store or local schools to recruit volunteers.


Even if you are not yet fully set up or prepared to begin the Gerson protocol, you can get started on a Gerson-like diet by:

  • Shopping organic
  • Avoiding processed foods
  • Reducing salt
  • Starting to cook the Gerson way: visit our blog or get a copy of the Gerson Therapy Cookbook for Gerson-approved recipes.

Note: Restriction of fats and proteins is not advised without a managing Gerson Practitioner. 










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