An Inside Look (Part II): Gerson Health Centre, Europe

Hello again Gersonites, Nicole here! In October 2017, the Gerson Health Centre, Europe’s first and only Gerson clinic, opened its doors for a Special Inside Look. Join me again for Part II of this special visit and get a first-hand account of what the Gerson Health Centre and its staff have to offer.


The next morning, I arrive as the patients gather in the dining room for juice before Dr. Nagy’s lecture. I am so impressed by her ability to explain complex concepts surrounding the Gerson Therapy while keeping the patient focused on purpose and practicality.

Dr. Nagy has an incredibly deep, unique knowledge and perspective on the Gerson Therapy. She is a cancer survivor herself, having successfully used the Gerson Therapy to beat early stage triple negative breast cancer. Because of this experience, Dr. Nagy can sympathize with patients and knows exactly what they are going through, yet she is clear about the present condition and provides the patient with a strong understanding to make important, informed decisions.

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of her lecture is teaching patients how to explain the Gerson Therapy to loved ones, particularly loved ones who may be in the medical profession, and their personal physicians. To prepare the patient on how to approach their medical team back home, Dr. Nagy goes over what to ask for and what to say, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining a good rapport with the local doctor.


After Dr. Nagy’s lecture, Noemi takes me on a walk behind the centre where we come to a viewing point with a truly awe-inspiring sight to behold; in the distance, the majestic Danube River surrounded by a thick blanket of trees and rolling green hills. Noemi tells me that patients love walking through the forest and taking in the view as often as they can. I can see why this forest is touted as the “heart chakra of the world”; it feels like you have been transported back in time where there was virtually no pollution and lush vegetation stretched into the horizon. Truly a magical place, we even stumbled across incredibly detailed, hand-carved wooden arches and a bench that were hundreds of years old. The centre is located on a nature preserve so the surrounding areas, and hidden gems like these wood carvings, are protected.









Forest behind the Gerson Health Centre

Incredibly detailed wood arch (left side) in the forest.

Incredibly detailed wood arch (right side) in the forest.








With that view now forever etched in my mind, I next meet Elvira (el-vee-ra), who is a Naturopathic physician, massage/reflexology therapist and wears many other hats at the centre, including lectures on Gerson food and cooking. Elvira is so dedicated that she spent her past three birthdays as the nighttime supervision nurse at the centre.


Throughout my time at the centre, I had the profound sense that the health centre staff are an exceptional group. They work hard to form a bond and build trust with each person that comes through their door, which explains why Noemi has so many stories to share about the people they have encountered.

One evening during our drive home, Noemi shared a story that really demonstrated their level of support and how these efforts make a lasting impact. When the centre first opened, a gentleman was desperate for his sister to use the Gerson Therapy, despite the fact that at the time–eight or nine years ago–organic produce was not easy to find in small, rural villages.

Each Saturday, the gentleman would travel for hours by train to meet Noemi in Budapest, and together they would go to the markets to get the organic produce needed. Thanks to his valiant efforts and the support of Noemi, the gentleman was inspired to bring organic produce suppliers into his town–and he succeeded.

That’s just the caliber of people at the Gerson Health Centre, they truly care. Even the emergency protocol is based on personal care for the patient and their family. Because most patients at the centre have a chronic disease, there are instances when medical care from a hospital is needed. If a patient must be admitted to the hospital, the patient is escorted by one of the health centre’s doctors while Noemi accompanies the companion. In fact, Noemi stays at the hospital with the patient and their companion for the duration of the hospital stay and assists with arrangements for their return to the centre or their home.


A group of recovered patients in the surrounding area are also a big part of the community and care offered at the centre. Groups will visit the centre several times per year to share new memories with current patients and reconnect with each other. The staff does a great job of connecting prospective patients with those who have attended the centre. Past recovered patients sharing their stories is actually a common way that people find out about the centre.

As each patient introduced themselves, one patient’s story about finding the centre by pure accident stood out to me. He was conflicted by the decision concerning his treatment options, but by pure chance he spoke with two different people he knew personally that had attended. Upon hearing their testimonies, he simply could not ignore their urge for him to attend. With a big smile, he said he knew he made the right decision as soon as he walked through the door.



As I left the centre on my final day, the sun was shining but it was raining; a perfect reflection of my gratitude for the experience coupled with sadness for having to say “until next time” to all of the wonderful people that I met. Perhaps it’s because Dobogoko is considered the “heart chakra of the world”, but a double rainbow emerged from the rolling hills and guided us all the way out of town. Noemi exclaimed that in her nine years at the centre, she had never seen this.


The Gerson Health Centre is strongly committed to personal, one-on-one time with patients to explain every detail and ensure their understanding. Patients receive daily medical supervision and check-ups, in addition to the ever-important group or individual psychotherapy, reflexology, massage, yoga, meditation or acupuncture. Besides exemplary attention to mind, body and spirit, patients gain much more from the Gerson Health Centre: caring and dedicated individuals to support them through their healing journey.

The Centre takes patients and their companions for two week sessions. Click here to find upcoming session dates, pricing and direct contact information.

In December 2017, Dr. Nagy and Noemi traveled to San Diego to spend time at the Gerson Institute, working closely with staff on key projects, initiatives and engaging in discussions.



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Written and Posted by: Nicole Ferrer-Clement

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