Patient Perspective: Gerson Therapy for Breast Cancer

This letter, published with permission, was written by Tatiana Corcoran and addressed to her Gerson Practitioner, Dr. Cervantes at Health Institute de Tijuana, Mexico’s only licensed Gerson clinic.

Thank you to Tatiana for sharing her journey in order to encourage and inspire us all.

Dear Wonderful Doctor Cervantes,

My husband Tim and I hope you, your family and your loved ones remain safe and in good health during this challenging time. Now more than ever, my husband and I are so grateful for the passion and dedication that go along with your hard work. Thank you for your continued support in my healing, and for all you have been doing by helping many other patients in their journey […].

Today is about 5.5 years since I was diagnosed with ER+ PR+ HER-2 negative breast cancer, and that was when my Gerson journey began.

I came to the licensed Gerson clinic (Mexico) in January 2015, where I immediately started a full protocol of 13 juices, 5 coffee treatments and all needed Gerson supplements. I was a “friend” of dreadful insomnia for years, but after just a few days in the clinic I was sleeping like a baby. It was a great sign that my body started healing.

 In April 2015, just four months later, my tumor had shrunk significantly, and I decided to get a lumpectomy to take out what was left of the tumor, and concentrate my energy on healing the roots of cancer. The days have passed with the same busy routine and I learned to appreciate each day. Through this journey I made many new friends all over the world, and I was able to hear their stories and share with them my progress. I wasn’t so lonely at all.

During that time I was exposed to toxic mold, and it was a huge set back, but I kept believing that I will be healed.

After 3 full years staying on the Gerson Therapy and having all my scans, blood work and other tests looking great, in April 2018 I found a tiny nodule on the top of the scar from the previous lumpectomy. It looked like my body was pushing out what was left from the first occurrence, or…the oncologist called it “recurrence”. I was in shock at first, but knowing so much already I went back to the beginning, and I did a full Gerson protocol again for a whole year.

During that time I learned there are many people just like me, and they are doing well after the second, third or even fourth recurrence, and it gave me so much courage and hope. I felt that was cancer’s last attempt to keep going in me, and it will be gone and I won’t have it again or ever.

Since then I have been (and will be!) following the Gerson principles. Now I drink 3-4 juices a day. I do 2-3 coffee breaks a week. I take some of the Gerson supplements: enzymes, liver caps, niacin, Lugol’s, CoQ10, and occasionally when we have flu season I take zinc. Twice a year I do the Gerson maintenance protocol for two weeks. Once in a while I allow myself to eat only raw, nutritious meals for a week. And I don’t eat animal protein! Lately I added some nuts, beans, seeds and my favorite, buckwheat. It’s all organic and I don’t cheat. I enjoy my meals and the way they make me feel. Tim built me four gardens where I grow my own organic produce, and yes, I see the earthworms in our soil and it makes my heart sing. From a 100% city girl I became a happy country-loving creature!

I am always happy if I see any opportunity to tell people there is a better way to reclaim your health, and its the natural way.

I am very grateful from the bottom of my heart and beyond to Dr. Max Gerson who was a brilliant healer, and his wonderful daughter who made sure her father has remained in the forefront for so many to be blessed with the gift of life. Also I am grateful to my good doctors for their amazing support and guidance in my healing journey, to my children and friends who are my biggest supporters, to all wonderful Gerson people in this group, and especially to YOU. Thank you.

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This letter has been edited for the purpose of length and clarity. 


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