Recovered Patients Network


Our Recovered Patient Network consists of surviving Gerson patients who volunteer to speak with prospective patients about their personal experience on the Gerson Therapy.

As a non-conventional choice to treat cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases, the healing potential – and realities – of the Gerson Therapy are best conveyed through personal testimonies. A recovered patient can offer valuable insights into what life on the Gerson Therapy is really like.

We match prospective patients with recovered Gerson patients based on diagnosis, location and/or language. The Recovered Patient Network is comprised of volunteers and is not comprehensive of every patient or condition the Gerson Therapy has successfully treated.

If you are seriously considering following the Gerson Therapy, and would like to speak to a recovered Gerson patient, please complete the form below.




Programs like this are made possible with the help of your donations. Help us continue the legacy of Dr. Max Gerson, his daughter Charlotte Gerson, and the thousands who rely on the Gerson Institute for vital educational materials and training.

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