Recovered Patients Network

The Gerson Institute maintains lists of recovered Gerson patients who are happy to share their experiences with prospective Gerson patients. Networkers, the recovered patients participating in this program, donate their time on a voluntary basis, for which the Gerson Institute is extremely grateful. This has long been one of the most important services offered by the Gerson Institute because the healing potential of the Gerson Therapy is best conveyed through personal testimonials. A Networker can provide you with a true idea of what life on the Gerson Therapy is like.

We try our best to match you with a recovered patient with the same condition, or in the same general location. However, as our lists are comprised of volunteers, and are not comprehensive of every patient or condition the Gerson Therapy has ever helped, we may not have a Networker with the exact same condition as you. In this case, we will try to provide you with the contact information of a Networker with a similar condition.

If you are seriously considering following the Gerson Therapy, and would like to speak to a recovered Gerson patient, please contact the Gerson Institute and we will provide the contact information for a few Networkers. Please specify your illness and general location, as our Networkers Lists are organized by condition and/or by location.

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