Tribute to Charlotte Gerson

Charlotte’s passing continues to reverberate throughout the world and remains paramount in our hearts and daily lives as we continue to integrate the impact that this fiery, one-in-7.7 billion woman has etched upon humanity. Without Charlotte and her endless passion, dedication, wisdom, knowledge and the fortitude to climb every mountain and brave every storm, countless lives would have been lost and the Gerson Institute would not be doing what we have been doing for over forty years. The debt of gratitude and tribute goes unpaid and serves as a call to action for all to continue to lift even higher the legacy of Dr. Max Gerson and Charlotte, servants to a suffering humanity.

Thank you, Charlotte, our friend, our founder, bless you for giving us roots and wings. 

-Anita Wilson

Gerson Institute Executive Director, Anita Wilson (L) with Charlotte Gerson


Mrs. Charlotte Gerson was a great lady. She was very intelligent and had plenty of wisdom to always share with her patients and doctors. She was very strict with the diet and the entire Gerson program when it came to patients. I remember how patients would ask when they could eat animal protein or other foods. Her answer was always, “…do you want to heal the patient? If the answer is yes then stick to the diet. Eat all of your vegetables. Food is your medicine.”

I fondly remember Mrs. Gerson having conversations with patients and reminiscing about her father and what she learned from him. What I cherish the most is the hope she always gave to patients.

I will forever be grateful for having spent the time I had with her.

– Pedro Cervantes, MD

(L-R) Dr’s Cervantes, Bravo and Melendez with Charlotte Gerson


I had the privilege to know Charlotte Gerson for a long time.

There are no words to describe her love and dedication toward the people in need of health orientation. She was an amazing woman, always there for them, always strong, constantly working for the benefit of people seeking advice from her, in one word unbreakable.

Charlotte during our life you were a lighting guide filled with hope for those in need of it. That same light will guide you throughout eternity where you for sure will continue the legacy of your father, helping those who desperately need you through the people you trained for many years.

All your life was based in giving care and support for those who suffer pain and hopelessness. Farewell Charlotte, we shall meet again.

– Luz Maria Bravo, MD


I met Charlotte Gerson over forty years ago. She taught me all about the Gerson Therapy so many years ago in 1978. I was a young widow and an opportunity came to work at Hospital La Gloria. I was told about the Gerson Therapy and had no idea what it was. I had studied medicine and in the late 1950s and early 1960s, nutrition wasn’t a course available at university. All I knew was Western medicine.

Charlotte was very patient and did rounds with me whenever she came to the hospital. We would visit patients and she would teach me about juicing, the great benefits of nutrition, why it was important to detoxify the body, etc. After those initial years I felt more comfortable in the therapy and I simply appreciated any time I could spend with her.

I always respected her but as the years went by I came to care for her and the relationship we had developed. She will always be a source of inspiration and a great blessing in my life.

– Alicia Melendez, MD


Dr. Melania Nagy with Charlotte Gerson (L)

It is hard to express the gratitude and respect, the thankfulness I owe to Charlotte, the admiration and love that I always felt and will feel deep in my heart, because of what she did for me and for many other hopeless people around the world.

I am here alive, healthy, blessed in all meanings, just because she was here, simply doing her duty, modestly but strictly guiding me in the right way. She changed my whole life, and through me other lives too; my family, my friends and yet many other people in need. I wouldn’t have made possible to go to the clinic in Mexico, if she wouldn’t have been there on the other end of the phone. She did not need to convince me, as she could explain everything so nice and clear about what will happen there. When I finally had her in my room, I knew I have all the best chances to heal. She said, “You can and you will heal. Why not? You are strong, you just have to stay with the therapy!”. Many times, when I felt it is impossible to continue, I could hear her words…

She planted the seed of strength and commitment deep inside my mind and my heart.

After six months on the therapy, when I had a recurrence on my former surgery scar, again she gave me hope and strength by saying, “No worries, just something from your past; your former weak immune system allowed this to happen, but from now on everything will be fine. Get back on the full intensive and stay on the therapy!”. Strict, but with true love and care. And she was right. After a year or so the tumor dissolved and absorbed by my renewed, strong immune system.

Thank you gratefully again dear Charlotte, for supporting me through this difficult moment and not letting me give up.

When I became pregnant with our second child, Charlotte was really happy but could not understand why I felt frightened. Like before, she encouraged me and when I hung up the phone, my fears were completely replaced by hope and enthusiasm, joy and happiness.

We are so many people around the world thinking of her in these moments, praying next to the light of a candle, asking for her memory to be blessed. She was a great soul, without whom this world would be much less now.

We all are working hard to transmit at least a small seed if what she planted in our lives, and we all wish her soul to be pleased and proud of how we carry on a tiny little part of her huge duty. She left this physical world but her essence remains here with us, within our hearts forever, encouragingly guiding us by her eternal light.

Deep respect and love,

– Dr. Melania Nagy, GPC, ND


Dr. Kayla Smith (R) with Charlotte Gerson

If anyone is to be credited with following their vision and not deviating from their commitment to their vision, it would be Charlotte Gerson. This vision, of course, was to carry on the work of her father, Max Gerson.

I first met Charlotte in 1997 when I was being trained by Drs. Melendez and Bravo. Charlotte would come periodically and visit with the patients, giving talks that inspired them, and all of us, with the power of this therapy and giving us a taste of her father’s work and stories of patient’s healing.

Later, when I began work at the Gerson Institute, I was fortunate to see Charlotte very often when she came to the Gerson Institute to visit. She always brought more healing stories and was such a source of inspiration. She gave the opening lecture for many years at our Gerson Basics training which set the tone for the audience – they were on fire to learn more about the Gerson Therapy.

I will also attest to the fact that Charlotte walked her talk. I was able to see first-hand that she followed the Gerson diet and lived the Gerson lifestyle to a tee. Her vitality was living testimony to the benefits of the therapy. I also observed that she received frequent telephone calls at her home from people desperate for help and she always patiently and tirelessly spent time helping and encouraging them.

She left a legacy that will live on in the hearts and minds of all who knew her and will continue on into the future as the Gerson Therapy continues to help countless numbers of people. I feel honored to have known her.

– Kayla Smith, ND


Richard Bogar (R) with Charlotte Gerson

I met Charlotte Gerson at the Cancer Control Society convention in 1984. I was manning the Norwalk Juicer booth and we hit it off like two peas in a pod. Charlotte was impressed with my enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge of natural healing.

In 1985 I sponsored a workshop in Malibu, California with Charlotte, Ann Wigmore and myself speaking on behalf of Norwalk Juicers and Dr. Norman Walker, who had just recently passed on. We anticipating maybe 100 people would attend, but there were over 500 who showed up, filling the hallways and overflow rooms. People loved Charlotte. Even her critics or detractors would warm up to her when they realized how intelligent and kind she was and how much wisdom and knowledge she had and freely shared with us all.

Charlotte invited me to accompany her on her weekly visits to the licensed Gerson clinic in Mexico and asked me to show patients the Norwalk Juicer to convey the importance of having the proper juicer and hourly juices. It was delightful and memorable spending time with such a great and admirable human being over the next few years. Charlotte took the time to visit each patient in their room. She was so loving and kind with each patient and gave them as much of her time as they needed; she was never in a hurry. In all situations spanning over thirty years I found Charlotte to be the most gracious, kind and caring person I had ever met. Charlotte treated everyone she encountered as if they were the most important person in her life, because they were.

Over the years Charlotte and I became more like family than friends or business colleagues. Coincidentally, we are both German and born on March 27th. Charlotte was present at my wedding eighteen years ago and was very involved with our family and two daughters. We would often bring them on our visits and Charlotte was always so grateful for their gifts of simple paintings and drawings.

I can honestly say that it has been my greatest joy and honor to know her and learn from her example. Those of us who knew her and spent time with her were truly blessed and benefited in ways that are priceless.

– Richard Bogar


Kyoko Abe (L) with Charlotte Gerson

Since the first seeing her at the Cancer Control Society Annual Convention in Los Angeles, 1998, Charlotte Gerson generously gave me many experimental knowledge about her father’s therapy.

When I look back, I have learned about the power and wonder of a human existence from her courageous attitude and life. I think I have learned about it from her father Dr. Max Gerson, too, through Charlotte’s spirit.

In February 2005, I luckily had a chance to go to the licensed Gerson clinic in Mexico with her. When I came to her home in the morning, she let me into her house. While I was waiting for her, I got seated on the sofa. I noticed a photography book on the table. It was the photo collection of many graves, graves of the victims of the Holocaust. Charlotte said in a quiet voice, that her relative’s grave was there. At this time, I started to understand the previous value of her time and life in the truest sense.

Every person has their own irreplaceable history. But, all in all, there is nothing like her life. I have had the good fortune to spend many times with her. I thank you very much for all your lessons to me, Charlotte. May your soul rest in peace.

– Kyoko Abe


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