Didier Fernandes

Certified Gerson Practitioner

Location: Italy and India

Language(s): English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Designation(s): GPC, RN

Gerson Practitioner Status: Certified

Email: [email protected]


Bio: Didier is a multidisciplinary Certified Gerson Practitioner, specializing in the field of Integrative Oncology and Functional Medicine, Clinical Water Fasting management and Ancient Wisdoms offering Soulful integrated Care Systems to patients since 2010. Didier´s unique approach merges advanced functional diagnostics with Integrative medicine and Natural Wisdom. He combines his lifelong self-actualization practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Fasting, Ayurveda, TCM, and Adjuvant Therapies to guide you in a path of self-responsibility and recovery. With each consultation you will gradually go deeper in understanding your present condition and at every step, given new tools to work on each causal level of the disease, inspiring you to live a more fulfilled and balanced life.


Services: Didier offers Gerson Therapy consultations through our Web-Based Case Management service.


Initial Q&A: 50 EUR ($60.00 USD)

Initial Consultation: 300 EUR ($355.00 USD)

Follow-Up Consultation: 150 EUR ($175.00 USD)


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