Dr. Maurice Tucker

Certified Gerson Practitioner

Location: Washington, United States

Language(s): English

Designation(s): GPC, DC

Gerson Practitioner Status: Certified in 2022


Bio: Dr. Maurice Tucker is a Gerson Certified Practitioner and board-certified Chiropractice Physician licensed by the states of Oregon, Washington, and the National Board of Chiropractic Examination. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Anatomy and Health and Wellness. He believes that the body has a natural healing potential. Sometimes this healing potential is impeded by Dis-Ease which leads to disease caused by the three T’s (Thoughts, Toxins, Trauma). Dr. Maurice Tucker seeks to use his knowledge, skills and patient-centered approach to increase the body’s healing potential and promote optimal health.


Services: Dr. Tucker offers Gerson Therapy consultations through our Web-Based Case Management service.


Initial Q&A: $60.00 USD

Initial Consultation: $400.00 USD

Follow-Up Consultation: $175.00 USD



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