Dr. Melania Nagy | Recovery from Metastatic Breast Cancer

In 1995, Dr. Melania Nagy was just 30 years old, and a few weeks pregnant with her second child, when she was diagnosed with early stage triple negative breast cancer. Being a veterinarian medical doctor herself with experience as a medical evaluator and underwriter, she knew her exact medical condition, as well as the prognosis and conventional treatments used. Being aware of the very low survival rate, Dr. Nagy agreed with the conventional treatment panel. Sadly, another big loss for her was the inevitable termination of pregnancy in order to undergo chemotherapy and irradiation after surgery.

Despite her sacrifices, the conventional treatment panel was not enough, and after a year of completing the treatments, she faced metastasis to the lymph nodes.


Finding the Gerson Therapy

After intense research into complimentary healing methods, Dr. Nagy found the Gerson Therapy as a complex, medically established treatment through its biochemical and physiological evidences. She was so committed and determined to follow the Gerson Therapy that she borrowed money in order to start the Gerson Therapy at the only licensed Gerson clinic at the time, in Tijuana, Mexico. She knew that attending the licensed clinic would be the best way to acquire all the necessary knowledge and experience needed, and that only this way would she be guided in the right way by the most experienced Gerson doctors, with the whole process being supervised by Charlotte Gerson herself. Dr. Nagy knew that this would be her best chance to heal.

After six months of strict adherence to her prescribed Gerson protocol, a new local recurrence developed on her surgical scar. Originally frightening, this lump revealed itself to be the major signal showing the healing process. Gradually, over two and a half years later, the lesion transformed into a clear cyst, indicating the tumor had decreased; in the next six months, the cyst would be absorbed completely.

Dr. Nagy spent three full years on the Gerson Therapy, following every detail impeccably. During this time, she also studied alternative modalities such as Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


From Gerson Patient to Gerson Practitioner

From Left: Co-founder Beata Bishop; Gerson Institute Executive Director Anita Wilson; Dr. Nagy; Gerson Health Centre doctor, Dr. Borbenyi

In 2000, after her successful recovery, Dr. Nagy attended Module I of the Gerson Practitioner Training Program and started her voluntary support work at the Hungarian Gerson Foundation.

In 2001, Dr. Nagy received an amazing gift; she was pregnant! Again, she faced the life-threatening risk due to her previous medical condition. Though strongly advised by all of her conventional doctors to interrupt the pregnancy, she knew instinctively that she should follow the advice of Charlotte Gerson; Charlotte was sure that Dr. Nagy was now healthy, her body’s new condition renewed with a strong immune system that could cope successfully with the situation.


So it happened indeed; Dr. Nagy gave birth to her “Gerson baby girl”, mother and baby both happy and healthy!

In 2003, Dr. Nagy successfully completed Module II of the Practitioner Training Program and began an internship at the licensed Gerson clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, learning directly from the most experienced practitioners: Dr. Melendez and Dr. Bravo. In 2006, Dr. Nagy successfully completed Supervised Case Management with the Gerson Institute’s Medical Director, Dr. Kayla Smith.


Another Dream Come True

Together with Beata Bishop (recovered Gerson patient; author; former BBC reporter; close friend of Charlotte Gerson; co-founder of the Gerson Health Centre; and long-time Gerson Therapy advocate), Dr. Nagy had a strong wish to open an in-patient Gerson clinic. In 2009, their wish came true, and the Gerson Health Centre, located just outside of Budapest, Hungary, was established and remains as Europe’s only licensed and fully equipped in-patient Gerson clinic.

Dr. Nagy leads a team of five Gerson medical doctors along with an amazing support team of 23 administrative, nursing and kitchen staff, and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Gerson Health Centre; Head Clinical Gerson Practitioner for Module I and II of the Practitioner Training Program; Member of the Gerson Academic Board; and Supervising Clinical Instructor, sharing her more than 20 years of experience in the Gerson Therapy with unlimited gratitude and devotion.

Dr. Nagy, far left, at Module I Practitioner Training 2016

Garden area at the Gerson Health Centre

Dr. Nagy, center, at Charlotte Gerson’s 85th Birthday Celebration





Today, more than 20 years after her diagnosis, Dr. Nagy still believes that attending the licensed clinic was the best decision – and investment – in her life. She has been on a maintenance-level protocol, living a Gerson life-style, watching carefully her diet and detoxification.

The Gerson Institute and our entire Gerson community are fortunate to work alongside such a gifted, caring person. There is no doubt that she has touched many lives already, and we hope that sharing this story will inspire many more.


Visit the Gerson Health Centre page for contact information, pricing and upcoming session dates.

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Written and transcribed by: Dr. Melania Nagy and Noemi Borsa


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