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Why do Gerson patients take such high quantities of niacin?

Dr. Gerson felt strongly about the use of increased amounts of niacin (Vitamin B3) in cancer patients Supplementsfrom the beginning of treatment and without too much interruption. However after using 50mg six times a day for four to six months, it should not be diminished too fast. Niacin helps to bring back sufficient glycogen into the liver cells. It also helps in protein metabolism, acts to open small arteries and capillaries (of course it would be discontinued with any bleeding problems.) It raises electrical potential in cells. You can find more information in  A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases by Dr. Max Gerson.

What is the difference between the clay pack and the castor oil pack?

The clay packs are typically used for inflammation characterized by swelling, redness and heat around the affected area, but not on open wounds. It draws toxins out through the skin into the clay. It is helpful for painful joints, boils, etc. Each pack should only be used one time and then discarded.

The castor oil pack increases circulation to an area and stimulates the lymphatic system to carry off toxins aiding in detoxification. It is excellent for organ pain, especially of the liver, pancreas and kidneys and helps to relieve muscle spasms.

Can I use any additional therapies or supplements with the Gerson Therapy?

Dr. Gerson developed and refined the therapy over many years. For best results, we recommend you do not add other elements to the therapy unless working with a Gerson Practitioner. In and of themselves, certain other therapies or supplements may be helpful, but in conjunction with the Gerson Therapy they may interfere with how it works. There is a synergy that should not be interfered with unless absolutely necessary and determined by a Gerson doctor.

How can I obtain the crude liver extract? What should I do if I am unable to find the crude liver extract?

The availability of crude liver for injection varies greatly. At this time, the clinic in Mexico has obtained a brand called Parggon. Patients who attend the clinic are able to purchase a supply to bring home. However, there is no vendor who can ship this to the US. ISHI can ship most places outside the US (see a list of Gerson supplement suppliers here).

For those who do not have access to this crude liver, we are making the following recommendations:

  • Take an extra desiccated liver capsule per dose, if it is well tolerated. In total, a patient may take three caps of dessicated liver, three times a day. This would be contraindicated if the patient has gout. If this causes stomach upset, the liver caps can be taken with meals, when the digestive enzymes are taken.
  • B-12 can be taken orally or sublingually at 1000 mcg daily or alternatively a 1 cc injection per week. Methylcobalamin is the preferred form of B-12 for injection or oral.

Crude liver for injections is available at some compounding pharmacies in the US, but requires a doctor’s prescription. If you can obtain this, it will be of a higher concentration, so check with the Gerson Institute to see if the dosage needs to be adjusted. B-12 for injection is also available by prescription. We suggest you see if your doctor will prescribe these items for you.

Milk Thistle, an herb which is hepatoprotective and hepatorestorative, can be taken periodically at 250 mg twice a day between meals. It should be an extract standardized to 80% silimarin. This can provide extra support for the liver.


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