How I Conquered Prostate Cancer

In 2012, Bill Holman shared his progress one year into being on the Gerson Therapy for prostate cancer, what helped him adjust and how he was feeling. Bill strictly continued the therapy for another year and has been cancer-free since! Many of you will remember Bill from his inspiring testimonial video on Gerson Basics Online. If you haven’t seen that, watch the shorter testimonial video he recorded below.

We checked in with Bill in honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness month to see how he is doing as he reflects about his life journey and transformation from the Gerson Therapy, almost ten years after starting.

How did your Gerson story start?

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007 and was told about the Gerson Therapy by my good friend, Alison, who recovered from Stage IV Lymphoma using the Gerson Therapy twenty years earlier. At the time, I didn’t feel like I could do the rigorous protocol, so I did cryotherapy with diet change, juicing and supplements. In 2011, cancer was found on the other half of my prostate, and I wasn’t willing to go the route of radiation because of the side effects. So I decided to go to the licensed Gerson clinic in Mexico and do the Gerson Therapy because I wanted to save my prostate rather than destroy it.

After your first year on the therapy, you said, “I am 100% sold on it one year in. It has become a life journey. I didn’t realize my life would change so much. The cancer is sort of secondary; changing your life is what it is truly all about. It is about healing my whole body […]”How do you maintain your health today?

I mostly eat vegetarian now and hardly eat meat or processed foods. I still juice lots of veggies. My favorite dinner is steamed broccoli with lemon juice, baked potato with flaxseed oil and non-fat organic greek yogurt!

Thinking back to how you felt in 2012, what would you say to someone who is one year into the therapy?

STICK TO IT! Don’t vary or cheat while on the therapy. Always ask your Gerson Practitioner before doing anything off protocol. I had some emotional outbursts the first couple of months. The therapy was difficult, but realizing what I was fighting for, I was all in. After about six months, all the questions about whether I had done the right thing went away as I saw my body and health improving. It was most helpful to really understand the Gerson Therapy and bond with my Gerson Practitioner that would be overseeing my treatment for two years.

What were your biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?

Fear! I overcame that fear with support from my wife, family and Gerson Practitioner. Plus my 2 mini dachshunds and my spiritual community.

We’re so grateful to Bill and all Gerson patients for sharing their inspirational stories. To share your Gerson story, fill out our testimonial form HERE.


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