The Class

The Gerson Hands On Workshop was designed to build off of the Gerson Basics Online class to provide patients and their loved ones with a venue for actual hands-on learning. The total class size consists of approximately 30 participants, and is segmented into smaller break-out sessions throughout the day. These small groups will give each participant a chance to make a more meaningful connection with Gerson Institute staff, and like-minded participants. Each day starts with a nutritious breakfast prepared by Gerson chefs, followed by workshops and lectures covering the following topics:

Cooking the Gerson way

Learn the Gerson slow-cooking method and experience how to prepare Gerson Therapy meals consisting of beautiful salad ingredients, creatively enticing dressings, savory Hippocrates soup (a staple on the therapy) and cooked vegetables primed to perfection using only organic, whole-food ingredients, love and care.

pots and pans in kitchen
diced onions
cooked greens

Gerson Therapy Juicing

Quench your thirst with a nutritious and refreshing Gerson juice by actually using the Norwalk and Champion juicers for yourself. Learn techniques for juice preparation and juicing that will save you time, energy and will make juicing easy and efficient!

juice pulp
choping apples
juice cloth

Coffee Enema Technique

Learn the dos and don’ts of preparing the coffee enema solution by making one! Our enema parlor model will exhibit the proper set-up for administering a coffee enema and how to avoid common mistakes.

coffee filter
coffee display

Healing Tools

It is natural to be curious about how the body will react while undergoing the Gerson Therapy. In this demonstration, students will prepare clay packs, castor oil packs and oatmeal gruel to learn the practical application of these healing tools.

clay and spoon
castor oil

At Home

Feel your worries melt away as you learn how to order supplies, set-up your home, secure medical supervision and implement mind, body and spirit exercises.


Gerson H.O.W. uses a hands-on approach to expand upon what you have learned in the Gerson Basics Online class. The topics covered in the online class serve as the foundation for the hands-on learning experience.

It is important that you view the videos in the Gerson Basics Online class before attending as we will not be covering any basic information already covered in the online class.

Upon successful registration, you will receive an email containing a link and password to access the most up-to-date Gerson Basics Online Course. Even if you have already watched this class, please review these updated videos to ensure you are prepared.


$700 per person – fee includes:

  • 6 hands-on training stations
  • 4 instructional classes taught by trained Gerson professionals
  • 6 complete Gerson meals (breakfast, lunch, juices and snacks)
  • The Gerson Basics Manual
  • Gerson Mind, Body, Spirit Guide
  • Complete enema bucket kit with catheter
  • Coffee (½ pound bag)
  • Castor oil (8 oz. bottle)
  • Clay (1 pound container)
  • Gerson Institute Tote Bag

***Included class materials cannot be substituted or refunded.***


At this time there are no set dates for the next HOW training due to other projects the Gerson Institute staff is working on. Please join our email list to receive updates of the next available class!


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