Jonathan is Getting Ready to Go to the Clinic, And It’s All Thanks to You!


Last week, we told you about Randy Clemens, an awesomely big-hearted fellow who started a fundraiser to help a patient go to the licensed Gerson clinic in Tijuana in honor of his mother Bonnie, who passed away from cancer a few weeks ago.

We matched Randy up with Jonathan Hernandez, an 18-year-old boy with metastatic osteosarcoma, whose parents had been scraping and saving and raising funds in their local community to pay for treatment at the clinic.

(If you missed it, click here to read more about Randy and Jonathan’s stories)

Dina Varlamove runs the Charlottesville Marathon for Jonathan Hernandez

To everyone who donated to Randy’s fundraiser – a HUGE thank you!

When we put out a call to our supporters to donate to help Jonathan go to the clinic, we couldn’t believe how quickly you all rose to the occasion. We were astonished to see that we met our goal of $11,000 in under 2 days!

We are happy to announce that Jonathan will be going to the certified Gerson clinic in Tijuana this month! He is making preparations to go to the clinic, and Randy and I are planning to go visit the Hernandez family while they’re down there.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts; you made this possible. And, of course, many thanks to Randy, who started the fundraiser, and also to Dina Varlamova, who also helped raise money for Jonathan by running the Charlottesville marathon.

Jonathan Meets The Woman Who Inspired His Gerson Journey

Carla Shuford and Jonathan Hernandez
This picture is of Jonathan and Carla Shuford. Jonathan and his mother visited Carla during a trip to Chapel Hill while completing tests for admission to the clinic.

Carla Shuford is one of the last patients Dr. Max Gerson treated, and was Jonathan’s main inspiration for following the Gerson Therapy. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when she was 15 years old, just like Jonathan. Carla is 70 years old now, and still in vibrant health!

(To read more about Carla’s recovery from osteosarcoma— click here!)

When he was first diagnosed, Jonathan’s oncologists expected him to live no more than one year, maybe a few months longer if he took chemo. Two years later, after his family made the decision to follow the Gerson Therapy instead, Jonathan is still thankfully with us.

He’s not cured yet—he has a large tumor in his femur which his body is working to break down—but he sees himself becoming a healthy, active 70-year-old just like Carla!

About the Author
Mikhaela Payden-Travers is the Gerson Institute’s Development Coordinator, managing the Institute’s various fundraising programs. A grassroots fundraiser with experience working for small organizations in the United States, Guatemala and Mexico, Mikhaela joined the Institute in the summer of 2009.

She is currently enrolled in the Nonprofit Management Masters program at the University of San Diego, but when she’s not at school or at the Institute, she enjoys running, reading Umberto Eco and rescuing Tijuana street dogs.

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