Making History with New Melanoma Research

Twenty years ago, the Gerson Research Organization (GRO), working with the Gerson Institute (GI), published an eye-opening 20-year review of melanoma survival with Dr. Max Gerson’s diet therapy. At that time, in 1995, melanoma survival in the Gerson treatment system was clearly superior to the chemotherapies and cytokines of the day.


Christeene Hildenbrand preparing letters for mailing.

This year, GRO and GI are teaming up again (and involving outside experts) to conduct and publish melanoma survival data covering 40 years of melanoma management. More than 500 melanoma-patient records exist, meaning that the survival data will be large enough to repel skepticism.


The importance of this melanoma study cannot be overstated. During a time when single agents are referred to as “immunotherapy” (ipilimumab, etc.) for melanoma, Gerson’s old-fashioned gut-pumping nutritional immunotherapy will compare favorably to the best results of modern biopharmaceutical corporations.


We are making excellent progress constructing and executing the study, and we are at a point where we need your help!


Although a letter has been sent to melanoma patients and families within our database, we want to hear from you. If you worked with a practitioner or did the Gerson Therapy on your own, please contact us at [email protected] to complete a questionnaire.

Christeene triumphantly placing the first round of letters in the mail.


We would like to know what happened to you or your family member, whether positive or negative, because we will be telling the whole story. Remember, your answers will become part of the scientific historical record.


If you’d like to see us conduct further research on the outcomes of the Gerson Therapy, please support this study, the staff and resources needed to make it happen by donating today!


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Written by: Gar and Christeene Hildenbrand (Gerson Research Organization), Taylor Oliver
Post by: Nicole Ferrer-Clement


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