Dr. Vidya Krishnamurthy

Certified Gerson Practitioner

Location: Georgia, United States

Language(s): English

Designation(s): GPC, MD,

Gerson Practitioner Status: Certified


Bio: Dr. Vidya Krishnamurthy is located in Alpharetta, Georgia and is a board certified pediatrician and geneticist. Her personal search and journey for health led her to the Gerson way of healing. She strongly believes in nutrition as a cornerstone of healing. Throughout her journey, Dr. Vidya has met and continues to meet professionals from various disciplines and enjoys learning from her colleagues. Her hope is that your own journey brings you much health and happiness.


Services: Dr. Vidya offers Gerson Therapy consultations through our Web-Based Case Management service.


Initial Q&A: $60.00 USD

Initial Consultation: $300.00 USD

Follow-Up Consultation: $100.00 USD


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