Lana Liable

Certified Gerson PractitionersCGPTCMD

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Language(s): English

Website: drlliable.com/


Bio: Dr. Lana Liable’s 30 years in family medicine have included administrative, clinical, teaching, and global health initiatives throughout North America and sub-Saharan Africa. She has worked in various public and private health care settings and strives to seek a well-rounded approach to diagnosis and treatment, integrating the knowledge of western medicine with the wisdom of eastern medicine. Dr. Liable has a holistic approach to medicine by addressing the primary cause of acute and chronic disease, rather than just treating symptoms. She practices a patient-centered approach and is known for her empathic, longstanding relationships with her clients as well as her passion for preventative health and lifestyle management. When Dr. Liable is not practicing medicine, she loves gardening, music, art, travel, and spending time with family. Dr. Liable offers Gerson Therapy consultations through our Web-Based Case Management service.


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