Certified Gerson Practitioners

Certified Gerson Practitioners are fully trained by the Gerson Institute to practice the Gerson Therapy. All certified Gerson practitioners have completed both Module I and Module II of our Practitioner Training Program.

The Gerson Institute carefully evaluates its certified practitioners to ensure that they are providing the true Gerson Therapy, and that they provide exemplary care for their patients. Unfortunately there are several doctors that use the Gerson name who did not take the practitioner training modules or do not provide true Gerson care, so we cannot certify them or recommend them for patients seeking treatment on the Gerson Therapy. If you are considering pursuing the Gerson Therapy with a practitioner who is not listed on this website, please contact the Gerson Institute first to ensure that they are certified to practice the Gerson Therapy.

A Gerson Practitioner will provide guidance on an out-patient basis. It is recommended to have in-person office visits (for at least the first consultation, and as often as possible for follow-up visits), although in some cases they will provide long-distance consultation services by phone or Zoom. The Gerson Practitioner will request medical records and current lab work and do a thorough evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for them to guide you on the Gerson Therapy.

Patients should work with their practitioner for the duration of their time on the Gerson Therapy. For a serious condition such as cancer, patients will typically need to be on the Gerson Therapy for a minimum of two years.

Certified Gerson Practitioners:

Dr. Miven Donato, GPC, DC, DPT, MT

Dr. Miven Donato has been a Certified Gerson Practitioner since 2012 and is the Head Clinical Instructor for the Gerson Practitioner Training Program and Member of the Gerson Academic Board. Dr. Donato practices the Gerson Therapy remotely. If you would like to be guided by him or one of the Gerson interns/residents in the training program, please take the steps in the referral process below (list of interns/residents also below).

Dr. Melania Nagy, GPC, ND

Gerson Health Centre – Europe

Dr. Melania Nagy is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and Clinical Director of the Gerson Health Centre, the only licensed Gerson facility in Europe that opened in 2009. Dr. Nagy is also Clinical Instructor for the Gerson Practitioner Training Program and Member of the Gerson Academic Board.

As a long-term surviving breast cancer patient, Dr. Nagy followed the Gerson Therapy from 1997 – 2000. After her successful healing, Dr. Nagy began support work at the Hungarian Gerson Foundation, followed by a Clinical Gerson Internship at the licensed Gerson clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dr. Nagy offers long-distance case management for those starting the Gerson Therapy from home. For information on in-patient and remote long-distance services, please visit the Gerson Health Centre page to contact Dr. Nagy and her team.

Read Dr. Nagy’s inspiring story and check out our exclusive inside look at the Gerson Health Centre, Europe!

Dr. Vidya Krishnamurthy, GPC, MD

Alpharetta, Georgia
http://www.georgiawellnessclinic.com | Phone: (770) 346-0132 | Alternate number: (470) 375-8125

Dr. Vidya Krishnamurthy is a board certified Pediatrician and Clinical Geneticist. Additionally she is certified in Anti-Aging therapy through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is a Certified Gerson Practitioner.

Dr. Krishnamurthy requires that all patients come to her office for at least one in-person appointment

Dr. Annie Juneau, GPC, ND

Clinique Vitacru Quebec, Canada
http://www.vitacru.com | [email protected]

It took a sport injury and a host of health issues, including a cancer scare, to convince this former tennis pro and model to pursue degrees in both Naturopathic Medicine and Hydrotherapy. In 2005, she founded her clinic, Vitacru, specializing in digestive health. She was introduced to coffee enemas while attending a hydrotherapy seminar. This serendipitous event would lead her to the Gerson therapy.

Now a Certified Gerson Practitioner with the Gerson Institute, Annie Juneau shares her passion, knowledge and experience with local clients at her Laval Clinic, and international clients through ZOOM videoconferencing, both in French and English.

Dr. Henry McGrath, GPC, Dip Acu, Dip TCM, ND, MA, MT

United Kingdom and International
http://www.henrymcgrath.com | [email protected]

Dr. Henry McGrath has been practicing Integrative Medicine since 1998, and holds diplomas in Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy. He was the Academic Director and Acupuncture Course Director of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London from 2002 to 2015. He has specialised in working with cancer since 2006. He was awarded a Master’s Degree in Theology in 2015, and is interested in the spiritual aspects of illness. He sees clients in person at his clinic in Bristol, UK, and via video consultation.


How to Request a Gerson Practitioner


Step 1

Read the list of Cautions and Contraindications

While the Gerson Therapy can treat a variety of illnesses, there are limitations. We want patients to know upfront if they may not be eligible for treatment.

(If you feel a Gerson clinic is an option please click here for our Gerson Clinic in Mexico or the Gerson Health Centre in Hungary.)

Step 2

Download the forms

Please review the Fee Schedule and download and fill out the Eligibility and Medical History Forms. Save these to your computer to attach to the referral form in step 3. This step must be done before filling out the referral form.

Haz clic aqui para obtener la version de los formularios en español:


Step 3

Fill out the referral form

Please fill out the form with information pertaining to the client that is seeking treatment and include the best mobile phone number to reach you.

Gerson Residents & Interns:

The following is the current list of approved Gerson Practitioner Residents and Interns. These names are for reference only. We ask that you do not contact them directly as your case needs to be evaluated by Dr. Donato first. Although you may see a practitioner in your state or country it does not mean that they are best suited to take your case. This is why it is evaluated first, to make sure you are assigned to the practitioner that is most experienced with your diagnosis. All of the residents and interns provide long-distance consultation via video-conference so even if the best practitioner to take your case is not located nearby you can still receive excellent care.

These practitioners provide services in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Romanian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Russian, Armenian, Korean, Tagalog, Japanese & Tamil.


The practitioner-in-training in this class level has completed the first year of internship and has successfully passed the clinical competency level to move to the Gerson Resident status. At the end of the residency year in Module II, the resident will complete the final Clinical Competency exam to be eligible for the Certification examination process. These residents receive patient referrals through Dr. Miven Donato, our certified Gerson practitioner and head clinical instructor for Module II. Please see his contact information above for a referral.

Representing countries: Canada, Romania, United Kingdom, Colombia, Singapore, United States, Jamaica, Taiwan

  • H. McGrath, GPCC, ND, LiAc, Gerson Practitioner Certification Candidate
  • N. Lungulescu, GPR, MD
  • R. Rojas, GPR, MD
  • J. Lim, GPR, OMD
  • S. Wilde, GPR, AP, LiAc
  • A. Williams, GPR, MD
  • J. Peatross, GPR, MD
  • H. Josef, GPR, MD
  • J. Pires, GPR, NP

The following is the official list of the interns in our Gerson Institute Supervised Module II training. If you do not find the name of a practitioner here or on our Certified Practitioner list, they are not endorsed by the Gerson Institute. These interns receive patient referrals through Dr. Miven Donato, our certified Gerson practitioner and head clinical instructor for Module II. Please see his contact information above for a referral.

Representing USA & Canada:

  • J. Kaster, GPI, ND
  • L. Liable, GPI, TCMD
  • A. Maj, GPI, ND
  • A. Marancenbaum, GPI, MD
  • T. Park, GPI, DC
  • I. Trakhtenberg, GPI, DC

Representing International:

  • C. Capehart, GPI, OMD
  • I. Edodollon, GPI, MD
  • D. Fernandes, GPI, NP
  • Z. Guo, GPI, MD
  • J. Lee, GPI, OMD
  • S. Lee, GPI, MD
  • M. Li, GPI, OMD
  • M. Malvaso, GPI, ND
  • A. Nicolosi, GPI, MD
  • D. Noga, GPI, MD
  • R.D. Schroth, GPI, MD
  • M. Rosa, GPI, MD
  • T. Sako, GPI, MD
  • E. Santoso, GPI, MD
  • K. Tajchman, GPI, MD
  • Y. Wang, GPI, OMD
  • P. Zhang, GPI, MD

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