Gerson Practitioner Network

The Gerson Institute is committed to ensuring clients receive safe, accurate and reliable care in the Gerson Therapy, no matter where in the world they are located. That’s why we maintain a growing worldwide network of qualified, trusted Gerson Practitioners.

What is a Gerson Practitioner?

Through our Gerson Practitioner Training Program, medical professionals with a variety of backgrounds from all over the world use their advanced medical degrees and extensive clinical skills to provide individual case management in the Gerson Therapy via TeleMedicine.

A Gerson Practitioner is a medical professional who is actively enrolled in, or has successfully completed, our Gerson Practitioner Training Program. Please ensure you are working with someone in our Gerson Practitioner Network by checking the lists below or contacting us. If an individual is not listed on this page, they are not part of our Gerson Practitioner Network.

Interested in becoming a Gerson Practitioner? Learn more and apply HERE

Who are your Gerson Practitioners?

All Gerson Practitioners within our network provide individualized Gerson Therapy protocols along with ongoing follow-ups, protocol adjustments, and medical guidance. Gerson Practitioners at our licensed Gerson clinics are considered seasoned Certified Gerson Practitioners.

Our Practitioner Training faculty is comprised of clinical instructors who support the case management of Gerson Practitioner Residents and Interns enrolled in the Gerson Practitioner Training Program. Students shadow Clinical Instructors in real-time, personally manage assigned cases with direct observation by the Clinical Instructors, and receive critique.

Meet Our Clinical Instructors

There are three types of Gerson Practitioners within our network:
  1. Certified Gerson Practitioner
  2. Gerson Practitioner Resident
  3. Gerson Practitioner Intern

Certified Gerson Practitioner (CGP):

Certified Gerson Practitioners (CGP), including Gerson Practitioners at a licensed Gerson clinic, have successfully completed our Gerson Practitioner Training Program and are authorized by the Gerson Institute to practice the Gerson Therapy.

A CGP provides web-based guidance, which means most consultations are distance-based and conducted by phone or online conferencing software. Some offer in-person consultations.

Gerson Practitioner Residents (GPR):

The practitioner-in-training in this class level has completed the first year of internship and has successfully passed the clinical competency level to move to the Gerson Resident status. Upon completing their residency, the GPR will complete a final Clinical Competency and oral exam to be eligible for the certification.

GPR’s receive direct supervision from our  Gerson Clinical Instructors throughout case management.

Gerson Practitioner Interns (GPI):

The Gerson Practitioner Intern has completed a series of prep courses to begin working with clients in order to sharpen their clinical skills and prepare for their first clinical competency exam towards residency status.

GPI’s receive direct supervision from our Practitioner Training Faculty (Gerson Clinical Instructors) throughout case management.

How do I work with a Gerson Practitioner?

All Gerson Practitioners, Certified, Residents, and Interns receive referrals through our Gerson Practitioner Referral application. Visit our Web-Based Case Management page to apply.

Whether starting at a licensed Gerson facility or at home with web-based case management from a Gerson Practitioner, the Gerson Therapy is a treatment system that primarily takes place at home, even for those who attend a licensed Gerson clinic. To ensure success, patients are encouraged to maintain a positive rapport with their local medical team. Your Gerson Practitioner will provide further guidance on how to do this.





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